Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Using EFT to Enhance Your Relationship

Relationships begin as a matter of awareness, gravity/attraction, and desire/chemistry; but these things soon fade leaving people wondering why they got into this relationship in the first place. Understanding that newness doesn't last, and that chemistry (hormones) soon dissipates, is one of the ways to be prepared for the inevitable changes that challenge most relationships; and the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is another way. Here's how you can use this quick and easy-to-learn, free technique, to enhance your relationship.
EFT is a simple technique you can learn by downloading one of several free manuals available online, as well as by watching any of a number of free demonstration videos; but the technique isn't necessarily the answer to all of your problems. The key to using EFT successfully is in finding the right problem to work on. With relationship problems, most people believe the problem is with the other person unless they have guilt and shame issues, as well as relationship difficulties. The truth is that the problem isn't really a "problem;" relationship difficulties are the result of our programming and how well our relationship matches what we've been programmed to expect.
When the reality we encounter doesn't match what we want or expect to see, we feel stress; and we feel that we are missing something in our lives or relationships. In reality, nothing is missing; we simply don't know how to process parts of our life and relationship that have somehow become stuck in our experience - often due to fear, resistance, or some other uncomfortable emotion. In other words, most relationships can be dramatically improved by simply removing the obstacles or reasons that we aren't fully experiencing and releasing our life and the events in it. By using EFT, you will be better able to go with the flow and let-go of the things keeping your relationship from being the best it can be.
To improve your relationship with EFT, you must learn and use this incredibly simple technique to remove the stress and resistance you feel in and around your relationship. When you do, your relationship will dramatically improve almost immediately. Start by making a list of all the negative thoughts and beliefs you are holding onto about your relationship - include statements and feelings you may have about your own self-esteem, body image issues, fears, worries, grief, and resentment where your relationship or partner is concerned. Then simply apply the technique to each statement, one-at-a-time, until the emotional intensity you initially felt has disappeared.
Here are some statements, or beliefs, that some people clear when they begin using EFT to repair or enhance their relationships:
"I don't think this is going to work."
"I don't think anything can save my marriage."
"My marriage is going downhill fast."
"I don't know what to do about my relationship."
"Nothing can help me."
"I'll never be happy."
"I don't deserve to be happy."
"Happiness in relationships is a myth."
"My marriage has lost its spark."
"I can't get over the past."
These are just a few statements, beliefs, or "programs," you can release by simply thinking about them while applying the simple EFT tapping procedure. By tapping on specific points while repeating these limiting beliefs and ideas, your body is encouraged to release the "stuck" information and allow the return of the normal flow of information, ideas, and creativity in your life and relationships. You can probably imagine how difficult it would be to convince someone that their marriage could improve if they were holding onto beliefs about how their marriage cannot get any better. With EFT, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk are quickly and easily released - leaving you free to experience and enjoy a better, more fulfilling and rewarding relationship.
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