Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Condom Art!

The Couples Spot & Condom Mania

Unless you are in a fluid bonded relationship, we hope you are practicing safe sex.  One of the most interesting ways to practice safe sex is to use One Condoms.  One Condoms have a unique spin on promoting safe sex, and that spin is ART.  Yes artwork, and their commitments to creating enjoyable safe sex, draws my focus to this brand.  Each package containing an One Condom is not only a container for the condom but also a work of art, and we are not just talking one work of art.  There are many many different works of art on their packaging.  They even have a contest where you can submit your artwork to possibly be on a One Condom package.  I am actually thinking about submitting some of my artwork, so maybe in the future when you are opening that One Condom you might be thinking to yourself, I wonder if that crazy guy from The Couples Spot designed this package!!!

Peace and Love my friends,

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