Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Help Support The Dancer and The Boxer - Movie

This is the perfect time to help dreams come true:

The Dancer and the Boxer

Help us find out leading lady (our main actress), we are putting out a worldwide search for the lead actress in a new Australian movie “The Dancer and the Boxer”.
And we want your help! 
We have put together a large search for the lead actress and have joined Kickstarter to help us find her. This is an independent Australian movie (with the leading characters a boxer married to a dancer).
Our radiant lead woman must be able to act and dance ballet. We don’t want to use a body double if we can help it, and we don’t want an actress who can dance a little, we need someone to dance a lot - we need a leading actress who can play the head role in this upcoming Australian movie (to be filmed in and around Western Sydney Australia and in Las Vegas USA during 2016). 
We are looking for someone a bit out of the ordinary with a different look, a different sound, a different feel or even a distinctive voice, someone innovative, unusual, creative. What we really want is someone who can make us believe she is a real dancer (married to a professional boxer). 
We are not interested in cookie cutter. We want someone with an edge. Someone different, diverse and original. 
Pay and play - If you know someone who would love to play this role, this the place. Please tell them to audition. Help us. Facebook, linkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or phone someone you know who could play this role and if we link them to you we will give you two VIP tickets to the world premiere of The Dancer and the Boxer movie. 

Audition for the role 

We need an engaging actress who can read two pages of the script and convince us that she's the one. Upload or download your voice, yourself, video it, camera phone (or just audition with friends or yourself, we don’t care how you get the audition to us, upload, download whatever, if you can act and dance we want to see it.  

We just need to find the one lead actress who can make this movie shine. 

Double your chances and request four pages to show us how good you really are. We will give you two or four pages of the script to read and you can audition for us online, youtube, facebook, send us a clip, a dance, a link, anything to show us you can play the role. 

Audition and we will send you a direct link to the casting director. 

Who is running this kickstarter? 
We are a team, we have the best crew in the world, and we have worked together before. We are all looking forward to working on this upcoming film as a bunch of passionate filmmakers (a professional, hardworking, and experienced team) who have been involved in theatre, film, and TV (including commercials) and all have a common love for film and filmmaking. Our actors are all experienced. We will be filming mainly in and around Western Sydney using some of the areas fantastic talent in both our cast and our crew and fininishing off the fight scene in Las Vegas USA. 
We feel that this film will make you laugh, make you sad, and take your breath away for a few select seconds. We will have you on the edge of your seat wondering if Miki wins the fight or marvel at Denise in full flight dancing at the Sydney Opera house and you'll love the entire experience just as much as we will. 
We have workshopped the script, made the necessary adjustments, and are now ready to pull the guys and girls together. If you haven't noticed, we are super keen to get started. But sadly we haven’t found the right lead actress who can dance (ballet), but hopefully Kickstarter will help us find her. 
What are we really looking for? We are looking for someone (female) who can act well, dance ballet, and who has star quality to play the lead actress in a lead role. We are looking for an early to mid 30’s, early to mid 40’s female, (old enough to have a teenage daughter around 16-19 years old), any nationality, any background, any color as long as she can speak English (well enough to be understood in the US or UK) and can dance ballet well enough to make us believe she is a professional dancer. She won't need to dance long, just dance well. Our amazing editor will do the rest. 
We have the script ready, the crew ready and rearing to go. and we have turned to Kickstarter to help us complete our funding and start filming early 2016. This is where you come in! Help us to find her, Upload, download, email, facebook, link us and help us find our actress or audition anyway you can and if your good we will take you seriously. We can’t make the movie without the lead actress. Register to audition. If we like what we see, we will arrange to see more.

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