Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Chill In the Autumn Air Can Change In A Heart Beat

We have hit the author season and the weather can be chilly or warm on any given day.  So was we start to store up to the coming winter months and the sexy Halloween holiday.  Our Coffee has to take  on many different shapes and forms.  Creative Coffees images like the ones above can warm you up on those chilly days and get you in the mood for all hallows eve.  During this time we are also bombarded with so many different flavorings in our coffees the real fright might be having to pick one flavor as you have a long line of coffee drinkers behind you.  AHHHHHHHH.

However don't forget the cold brewed coffees.  

We are offering a free downloadable cold-brew coffee recipe book at 

Where you can also pick up your cold are coffee filters.  

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