Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dumb Wedding Photos

We want to caution everyone to not always agree with the wedding photographer.  Sure sometimes they have great ideas but sometimes they are just plain stupid.  Like this photo which not only seems a little creepy, but moments later they were waiting for the groom to have a bowel movement to retrieve the ring.  Thanks a lot photographer for a crappy photo. 

Sometimes Simple Weddings are The Best:

I am a nondenominational Wedding Minister and a NYC Registered Wedding officiant. I believe that the wedding ceremony should be uniquely theirs and that it should reflect only their beliefs and values. They can truly have the celebration that they dreamed about without compromising personal beliefs or style!

I treat every ceremony as a magical event. I can blend tradition, innovation, and ritual any way you want. I bring a unique blend of talents to my work as your Officiant. I have lead many venues as a professional storyteller.

The ceremonies are very affordable, and soon I will be adding the ability for anyone to be able to easily donate or contribute to the wedding cost.

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