Saturday, April 27, 2013

Manifesting via Directing Sexual Energy - Can You Accidentally Manifest Stuff You Don't Want?

Can you manifest amazing things into your life through lovemaking with your sweetheart?  Can you learn how to direct your sexual energy and magnetize the things you want?

You bet!  

Is it as easy as rubbing Aladdin's lamp and waiting for a genie to pop up and grant you 3 wishes?  NO!  

But, it doesn't need to be complicated either.  There are easy steps that beginners can take to quickly increase the occurrence of synchronistic events in their lives.  These same steps can deepen the bond with your lover and expand your consciousness as well as enhance your spiritual growth.  

Okay - woo hoo!!!  Right?  Awesome, exciting, fantastic!

But, what if you are in a bad mood or have negative thoughts running around in your mind?  Can you unintentionally manifest more negative things into your life?  

We talked about this question on our podcast, Sexy Challenge Heartbeats, this week.

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