Monday, January 28, 2013

Get Lusty for Couples is having a Valentine's Giveaway

We write a new article about once a week and share it here as well as with Get Lusty for Couples; therefore, we agreed to share with you about their new site and their giveaway.  :) 

“GetLusty’s Valentine Giveaway!”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re dreading it or you can’t wait for it, GetLusty is here with the mission to bring more passion and intimacy into your life with your Lover. What better season to catch the love bug? Sign up here with a chance to win!

GetLusty is a site with over 700 articles, including advice from world-renowned sexperts. Couples-friendly, ethical and eco-minded businesses are added daily to our site. There are special deals and discounts to all members from these sex positive businesses. Exclusive and VIP members get even more access to articles and bigger deals and discounts for sexy and romantic products.

GetLusty is committed to sex positive information for couples. We feature advice and inspiration for every preference, orientation, fetish and interest. Our newly launched site is unique in its field. We even have games you can play with you lover to earn points toward more access to articles and discounts. Who knew monogamy could be this fun?

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