Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are You A Sexy Artist?

Are you an artists that would love to get your images out for the public to see?  Well if you are we would love to offer you a chance to donate your work to be used on a cover of Sexy Challenges!  All you have to do is send us a jpeg of your work to the email address below.  We will pick the images we feel work well with our next products and give you a big write up in our next Sexy Challenge.  Please include with your work a short bio of yourself and any information as to where people can see more of your artwork.  

Thank you in advance, this will be a fun experience for us.  You work can be on any subject, the sexier the better just make sure that is is appropriate to be displayed on iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles sites.  The work can be a painting, sculpture, or photo and I am sure we do not need to tell you to be creative.  From the art we will build a specific Sexy Challenge to go with it so use your own theme and we will work with it.  

Peace and Love,
Rob Alex - Sexy Challenges

Send work to:

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