Sunday, May 20, 2012

Talking Dirty Is More Than Okay

So you want to start talking dirty to your partner in bed? Good dirty talk is an art form that takes a lot of practice to make perfect. If you're in the mood for something a bit faster - a naughty taste of dirty talk, perhaps? - then follow these tips to get his motor revving tonight:
Set the stage. Turn your love nest into a sexual lair. Put your best sheets on the bed, and use your most luxurious blankets. Light candles around the room for that golden glow, and burn incense that makes you feel sexy. Some music is a good option, too. Play it quietly and be sure to put it on repeat, because you don't want it cutting out in the middle of a good time!
Tease him! Use words that aren't dirty to tell him what's in store. Tell him how much you love it when he runs his hands all over your body, or praise a certain part of him - like those sexy, strong arms - and point out how much you love the way they feel around you. Get the communication going with praise, and then it will be easier to move to the naughtier phrases.
Tell him what you want. You can do this without being raunchy or hardcore. Simply tell him how much you liked it when he did that certain something the last time you were in bed, and ask for a repeat performance. When he gives it to you, let your moans and sighs gradually turn into words, and coax him to keep going.
Ask him what he wants. When he tells you he wants you to do a certain thing to him, or touch him in a particular place, give him a coy smile and tell him to give you more description - tease him and say you're still not entirely sure what he means. He will get the hint and give you a more accurate and sexy description. Now he's talking dirty, too!
Now that you are comfortable with talking dirty to your partner in bed, turn up the heat! Now that he's open to saying things to you in bed, you can gradually turn up the heat until it's as hot as you both want it to be. Use colorful words for body parts or actions. You don't have to be crude, but if that's what turns you on, why not give it a shot? The more comfortable you are with talking to your lover in bed, the easier it will be to say those naughty things that make you blush.
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