Monday, March 19, 2012

Cookies Can They Increase Your Libido?

A lot of people purchase or bake cookies especially during Valentine's since these mouth-watering delights are excellent romantic treats. Combining the correct ingredients with pinkish frosting and cookie cutters that make heart shapes can make anyone in the mood for loving and cuddling.
An aphrodisiac is an item that may intensify or awaken sexual craving. This term is taken from the name of the Greek beauty and sex goddess, Aphrodite. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) claims that aphrodisiacs have not been proven to work since they are not supported by scientific evidence, but couples in love have nonetheless been using these items for centuries. There are people who say that these ingredients work since they arouse amplified blood flow to body parts that can be stimulated and fire up the hormones.
Cinnamon is an aphrodisiac applied in a lot of savoury or sweet treats. This spice is taken from the internal bark of some trees commonly found in South East Asian countries. The weird thing is that Cinnamon originated in Europe and was not brought to light until the 16th century began.
Vanilla is a Mexico native flavoring taken from orchids. Its name is translated as "little pod" due to the small amounts of the aphrodisiac contained within the plant. Men can get a kick out of the aroma as it is thought to enhance the flow of blood.
A number of nut varieties like macadamias, almonds, and walnuts have been considered aphrodisiacs for a long time. In fact, people of ancient Rome who were just married were given a walnut shower instead of a rice shower because the nuts represented fertility.
Nutmeg is a special spice derived from trees with the Myristica genus (or simply "nutmeg trees"). This aphrodisiac is used by people in Asian countries and is coveted for having an exciting and intense smell.
Mentioning the word Honey brings thougts of a loved one, significant other, or one of the greatest love foods. Ancient Egyptians applied this aphrodisiac as a cure for impotence and sterility. In fact, the term "honeymoon" refers to an old custom where couples who were just married would consume "honey wine" (mead) on their first 30 lunar days together so the pairing will be sweetened.
Does Chocolate even need an introduction? Many people think of this universal treat as a perfect mood stimulant. This aphrodisiac does not only arouse the senses with its yummy and rich taste and aroma, it is also packed with phenethylamine that gives the recipient a great feeling all over the body.
Placing these cookie ingredients in the recipe will surely get the partner in the right state of mind!
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