Friday, February 20, 2015

6 Beliefs That Doom Relationships

Is it possible that six simple beliefs could doom a relationship?  Lucinda Loveland, our special guest today, says there are 6 beliefs that doom relationships.  She calls them erroneous beliefs, for that matter. So, what are they?
  1. Disagreements are destructive...and if you have one with your sweetie, it means he/she doesn't love you anymore.
  2. Mind reading is essential in your partnership.
  3. Partners cannot change.
  4. Sex should be perfect every time.
  5. Men and women different.
  6. Great relationships just enough.
Listen to this episode and discover more about each of these erroneous beliefs.
Lucinda Loveland is a Relationship Expert and Writer. She started her career in relationship/marriage education as a mentor, teacher and blogger. After teaching hundreds of couples in person, she is now bringing classes online and offering video episodes about relationships, self-compassion, self-confidence, love, and sex—based on empirical research.  Learn more at

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